Please include a coupon with your lockbox payments

In speaking with our chief financial officer we have learned that a large number of owners using the lockbox to make payments do not include a coupon. You may be aware that without a coupon the time it takes to credit your account is significantly increased.

Along with the increased posting time, the bank charges an additional amount per transaction for payments without coupons, ultimately costing you and your club more money. If your payments are set up automatically on a bank auto payment, we would ask that you send those directly to: 

Kona Islander Vacation Club
7200 Las Vegas Blvd. South Suite A
Las Vegas, NV 89119

This will allow us to post the payment to your account immediately and avoid unnecessary bank charges. If you do have a coupon, sending it through the lockbox address on the coupon is the most efficient way. As your management company, we are always looking for ways to save you and your club money.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

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